privacy policy

“Human and information” defines the privacy policy as follows.

1. Information collection by software

The software developed by “human and information” does not collect personal information.

If a function to collect personal information is added due to software updates, we will notify you on the official website of the software.

At this time, there is no plan to add a function to collect personal information.

2. Handling user data

The copyright and ownership of the data entered into the software by the user belongs to the user.

Data entered by the user is not transmitted outside by the software without the user’s permission.

However, this does not apply to cases where users send data to the outside using software functions on their own will (email transmission, data export, etc.).

3. Acquisition of personal information through website and support

Personal information such as e-mail address, contact information, and name obtained through inquiries to the software will be destroyed when the problem is resolved.

Personal information obtained from users will not be disclosed on the website, transferred to third parties, or disclosed.

However, the contents of inquiries will be recorded and used to improve the software functions.

The developer will not retain the acquired personal information. In addition, such personal information will not be disclosed on the website, transferred to third parties, or disclosed.

In addition, the contents of inquiries regarding software received on the website and support emails may be published on the website together with the answers, but the text of the consultation content will not be disclosed as it is.

4. Revision of privacy policy

If the privacy policy is revised, it will be announced on this website.